Royally High

Iconic Gold RH Leggings

Colour: Black

Royally High Leggings

92% Polyester 8% Spandex (Black)


89% Polyester 11% Spandex Brush Black (Grey Melange)


Are you tired of buying workout gear that looks plain? Do you want to work out in style? Or perhaps a day out? Then these Iconic Gold RH Leggings are for you! With a silky, smooth design to show off your legs, these designer leggings are representative of the UK's high quality, top brands. Anyone can look and tell that you are someone of class and stature. Featuring an extravagant gold stripe and a logo of one of the biggest streetwear brands, Royally High, this unique style is for those who love and appreciate fashion. Made from premium fabric, the leggings are designed to be soft and breathable, ensuring you can wear them for an extended period without any discomfort. The breathable fabric provides that you can enjoy your activities, whether it be working out or yoga. Wear them all day, all night, and feel as comfortable as can be!

  • STYLISH AND COMFORTABLE, the perfect clothing for those who want to work out in style and grace, all the while being comfortable.
  • COMES IN TWO APPEALING COLOURS for you to dress in, pair them with any outfit you wish.

So what are you waiting for, check out these Leggings from the best clothing store in the UK! 

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