Royally High

RH Gold Badge Sweatshirt

Colour: Black

Royally High Crew Neck Sweatshirt

85% Organic Cotton 15% Recycled Polyester

PeTA Vegan Approved 


When you see gold, you know that it is of high quality. Just like the RH Gold Badge Sweatshirt – produced by the best company sweatshirt maker in town! The biggest new look in London has just arrived and it is here at Royally High! 

Get your sweatshirt from the best place to shop in UK! Here at Royally High!

  • GREAT NOT JUST FOR CASUAL WEAR as this sweatshirt will be good enough for work, outing, or simple events with people you are close with.
  • EASY TO STYLE, it comes in 2 shades of black and grey plus 5 different sizes allowing you to find the perfect fit for your frame! Cant find your size? contact us and we will try our best to assist you!


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