Royally High

Essential Gold & Black Crown Hoodie

Royally High Medium Weight Hoodie

85% Organic Cotton & 15% Recycled Polyester

PeTA Vegan Approved


Tired of wearing the same old hoodie? Need a new best friend? Well then check out this sleek, stylish hoodie. With its casual style, it’s the perfect hoodie for any occasion 24/7, all around the year! Wear it at the gym, at the bar, or just going to get some shopping.

Featuring an extravagant Royally High Emblem in bright gold on deep black background, this hoodie will make everyone admire your swag and high-class fashion.  Why not try out the Essential Gold & Black Crown Hoodie from one of the best place to shop in the UK.

  • FINE APPAREL FOR STYLISH PEOPLE looking for something comfortable and modern
  • SUBTLE DESIGN so that you can easily style with any of your current wardrobes. 

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