Royally High

Iconic Gold & Black Crown Sweatshirt

Royally High Crew Neck Sweatshirt

85% Organic Cotton 15% Recycled Polyester

PeTA Vegan Approved


In need of a new trendy and fashionable outfit? This Iconic Gold & Black Crown Sweatshirt has a fresh and modern look which can be easily styled with anything you feel fit! The sweatshirt features a luscious design its luscious gold crown centre of the shirt represents Royally High, one of the UK's top streetwear brands and follows through with a delightful matching pattern on its arm sleeves.

Its amazing 100% organic cotton makes it a premium fabric that will guarantee maximum comfort and a great time whilst wearing it. It feels so soft and smooth to wear, allowing you to enjoy a good time in a snug fashion. Available with multiple design options, the magnificent black, black stripe, gold stripe or gold. Each style is carefully designed to

  • FEATURING A BEAUTIFUL GOLD DESIGN,it shows off your tastes in style and finesse.
  • COMES WITH FOUR STYLE OPTIONS for you to dress in, accentuating your figure with any outfit.

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