Royally High

Iconic Silver RH Ladies T-Shirt

Colour: Black

Ladies Short Sleeve T-Shirt

100% Organic Cotton

PeTA Vegan Approved


Are you looking for that perfect shirt to conquer the long, hot summer or cold winters? This Iconic Silver RH T-Shirt is exactly what you need. The ideal way to beat the heat in style! The shirt features a delightful silver imprint alongside a beautiful logo that represents one of UK's top streetwear brands, Royally High, and accentuates the fantastic fashion sense the shirt displays. The shirt displays the modern fashion sense from one of the UK's top brands, a street style with a touch of refinement and elegance. Made from soft, organic cotton, is a delight to wear and feels smooth on your skin. It is breathable and light, making it ideal for the summer heat. Let everybody see you in the Royally High logo printed right on your chest. With its sleek design and the Royally High logo displayed extravagantly in shimmering silver print, this t-shirt is flattering, breathable, and goes well with any short or jean combination.

  • SHIMMERING SILVER DESIGN, a beautiful silver design that representing the brand "Royally High" in bright silver
  • COMFORTABLE AND BREATHABLE, it's made from organic cotton material that will make you feel fantastic all-day. 

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