Royally High

RH Chronic (420) T-Shirt

 Are you a herbalist proud of her lifestyle? Are you looking for high-quality fashion that shows off your herbalist spirit, something chic and sleek? Show off your pride with this RH Chronic (420) T-Shirt. With a simple and elegant weed leaf badge that represents one of the UK's top streetwear brands, Royally High, this shirt is meant for you! 

Get this soft, 100% cotton classic fit that you will never want to take off. Soft and breathable, it is the most comfortable t-shirt you will ever wear - the ideal fit for the summer! Available in three fantastic colours, you can choose between a white, black, or pink tee, all of them designed to make you look fabulous - throw it on and match with your favorite skirt or jeans. When you rock this shirt, know that you will be showing off your herbalist lifestyle in swag!

  •  BE PROUD with our large badge chronic t-shirt. You can show off your individuality!
  •  USING 100% PREMIUM FABRIC, we use 100% organic cotton for all of our t-shirts, it is a guarantee for quality and style!

This is one of the best t-shirts the UK has to offer to come from this online weekend and weekday shop in London - Get yours now!

Ladies Short Sleeve T-Shirt

100% Organic Cotton

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