Royally High

RH Eminent (420) T-shirt

Ladies Short Sleeve T-shirt

100% Organic Cotton

PeTA Vegan Approved



Looking for that classic top, you can wear any time, any place? Something that shows off a sense of elegance and high quality but is casual enough to wear on any occasion. Check out this RH Eminent (420) T-Shirt from Royally High, one of the top designer brands for streetwear in the UK! With its unique two-tone design, representing the Royally High logo in a gallant gold on a background of your choosing, jet black, or pure white or messy pink, the t-shirt gives off the vibes of someone who knows and appreciates high-quality fashion, whilst subtly acknowledging your lifestyle and love of all things green.

Made from 100% organic cotton, this smooth t-shirt guarantees maximum comfort that cannot be matched. Breathable and soft, this t-shirt is the perfect fit for a hot summer day, and its sleek design will match any outfit you pair it with - throw on your favourite pair of jeans and show the world your casual style!


  • WITH ITS TWO-TONE CONCEPT, of gold in black or white background, it emphasizes the sophisticated shade of royalty coupled with a striking emblem of the Royally High brand.
  • DESIGNED WITH JUST THE RIGHT FIT, you can move freely as you stretch your body from head to toe.

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