Royally High

RH Chronic (420) Hoodie

Royally High Medium-Weight Hoodie

85% Organic Cotton 15% Recycled Polyester

PeTA Vegan Approved


Royally High presents its new line of Stoner Fashion! If you love smoking one with the gang or just rolling a fat one on your couch, then you will love this RH Chronic (420) Hoodie. If you are proud of the stoner life, then this hoodie was meant for you. Featuring a sophisticated design from one of UK's top streetwear brands, with this imprinted marijuana leaf, you are going to get a high-five from all your stoner friends. Made from organic cotton, you can be sure that it will be the most comfortable hoodie you have ever worn. We can guarantee that once you wear it, you will never want to take it off. Throw it on and get ready to meet the gang or just enjoy a relaxing day on your couch with a doobie in hand. Get it in two cool colours, jet black or casual grey and enjoy your day. 


  • AN AWESOME DESIGN of a marijuana leaf to let your stoner friends know you roll out in style
  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE to the touch, wear it all day and be at your best.

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