Royally High

RH Gold Logo (420) Sweatshirt

Royally High Crew Neck Sweatshirt

85% Organic Cotton 15% Recycled Polyester

PeTA Vegan Approved


Are you bored of wearing the same old fashion and designs? Try something representing you and your street cred! Royally High presents its line of 420 Sweatshirts, the go-to sweatshirt for anyone looking for something with style while showing off their marijuana life to the max! This sweatshirt features the luscious Royally brand name in an elegant cursive script below a brilliant and stylish gold crown with a cannabis leaf aligned straight through the centre! Show your love for the herbs to everyone and have everyone in your herbal community admire your impeccable sense of fashion and style!


Made from organic cotton and polyester, this sweatshirt is designed with eco-friendly materials to show our love for the Earth! The perfect fit for the cold - its premium fabrics are designed to give you maximum comfortability and warmth. With a thick layer and stretchable elastic, the sweatshirt will keep you cosy and make you never feel cold. Its casual style goes with any outfit- throw it on and have a blast!

  • HIGH-QUALITY ORGANIC COTTON that will make sure you are warm and comfortable.
  • BRILLIANT GOLD CROWN LOGO, you can be sure that everyone will be aware of your great sense of fashion and love for the herb life!

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