Royally High

Gold Crown (420) Polo Shirt

Love smoking that herb and the summer heat? How’s a guy gonna show off his love for marijuana  - well Royally High has got the answer, this cool polo shirt is just what you need. Made from 100% organic cotton, it will feel light and amazing on your skin. The breathable material makes it comfortable to wear in hot or humid weather - the heat will never bother you. With a glimmering gold crown logo of  one of UK's top streetwear brands, Royally High, the shirt is for those who know how to dress in style. Let everybody see you in the Royally High logo printed right on your chest, and a cannabis leaf crown in brilliant gold, showing off your herb lifestyle in a sleek, cool class. Available in two colours, this cotton polo will be a great addition to your summer fashion that you won’t regret. and goes well with any short or jean combination. Check out this Gold Crown (420) Polo Shirt, ideal for the summer heat. 

With its sleek design and the Royally High logo displayed extravagantly in glistening gold print, this cotton polo is flattering, breathable, and goes well with any short or jean combination.

  • Glistening Gold Logo Design, a beautifully designed crown representing the brand "Royally High" in bright gold
  • Comfortable and breathable, it's made from Organic Cotton material that will make you feel fantastic all-day. 

This is one of the best t-shirts the UK has to offer to come from this online weekend and weekday shop in London - Get yours now!

Mens Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

100% Organic Cotton 

PeTA Vegan Approved 

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