Royally High

RH Gold Badge Joggers

Colour: Black

Royally High Joggers

70% Cotton 30% Polyester


If you want pants that you can wear to the gym or a normal day around town the RH Gold Badge Joggers are the perfect fit!

Coming from the Royally High high-end designer fashion online clothing, this pair of pants can easily be called the best joggers for women and men alike. 

No need to browse the internet for good places to shop in UK as the Royally High shop can offer you all your apparel needs! So better get a pair now!

  • WITH JUST THE RIGHT FIT, this is the natural choice for any active individual who values style and comfort.
  • USING COMFY DRAW STRINGS, it self-adjusts depending on your waistline without causing any discomfort especially when you plan to wear them for the whole day!

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