Royally High

Gold Crown Ladies T-Shirt

Colour: Pink

Ladies Short Sleeve T-Shirt 

100% Organic Cotton

PeTA Vegan Approved



This RH Gold Crown T-Shirt offers a fusion of comfort and trendiness, perfect for a streetwear-savvy wardrobe. Crafted with superior materials and in line with latest fashion trends, Royally High's clothing is sure to please. The UK-based designer brand is known for its high-quality product and has become a favourite among customers worldwide.

Crafted with 100% organic cotton for lasting comfort, the Gold Crown Ladies T-Shirt showcases a casual style boasting a sparkling gold crown emblem symbolizing Royally High. Expertly rendered in three hues — pure white, jet black, and pink — this piece of apparel offers a balanced combination of comfort and finesse for any time of day.

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