Royally High

RH Gold Logo (420) T-Shirt

Ladies Short Sleeve T-shirt

100% Organic Cotton

PeTA Vegan Approved


Want authentic vegan clothing made from organic fabrics? Plus, a little love for marijuana won't hurt. Summer comes and goes, but the herbal life is forever. Presenting this RH Gold Logo (420) T-Shirt, a marvellous fashion piece designed for the casual girl who loves that ganja! Featuring a subtle and sleek design, with the Royally High brand name alongside a delicate cannabis leaf within a crown, this t-shirt speaks volumes about you and your lifestyle!


Made from 100% organic cotton, the vegan inside of you will be satisfied, knowing at Royally High, we prioritize nature and its well-being above all. The silky fabric feels fantastic on your skin, its light, and breathable, making it a blast to wear and giving you all the comfort possible through a t-shirt. Available in three appealing colours, pure white, jet black or bubble-gum pink, the t-shirt is designed to bring out the best in you!


  • PERFECT FUSION OF DESIGN AND COMFORT perfect for the girl who loves to look good while feeling good.
  • AVAILABLE IN THREE APPEALING COLOURS, so that you can easily style the top any way you want.

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