Royally High

RH Pink Logo Sweatshirt

Colour: Black

Royally High Ladies Crew Neck Sweatshirt 

85% Organic Cotton 15% Recycled Polyester 

PeTA Vegan Approved


Are you looking for streetwear that will impress all your friends and leave them jealous of your incredible fashion sense? Royally High presents this RH Pink Logo Sweatshirt, a sweatshirt designed for the casual wearer with a touch of elegance and charm that you can't find anywhere else. With its smooth design representing the classy brand through its fabulous logo in bright pink, this sweatshirt oozes of finesse and high-class style. At Royally High, we give you the best of the best! 

Before you ask, the answer is yes! The sweatshirt feels just as incredible as it looks. Made from organic cotton, this sweatshirt will be the most comfortable shirt you have ever worn. The ideal clothing for the winter, this sweatshirt will keep you warm all day. With its stretchable elastic, the sweatshirt will wrap around you, stopping any cold from contacting your body and keeping you comfortable and warm

  • PREMIUM, HIGH-QUALITY FABRIC that will make you feel snug and happy all day long.
  • STYLISH PINK LOGO representing one of the top streetwear brands in the UK, Royally High.

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